The world of digital media has changed the face of marketing and advertising. Promoting the "Best Rates in Town" was a long and costlier process before. CEBS Rateboard application has changed this into fun filled and cost effective process. Currency Bureau owners can promote their Buying and Selling rate of different currencies on HD display units. The Rateboard application even facilitates the users to promote any other items or business process they follow.
Benefits of CEBS Rateboard:
  • Select the Currencies you wanted to display on the Display unit.
  • Enter the Buying/Selling rate of selected currencies manually OR
  • Connect to CEBS to fetch your current Buying/Selling rate
  • Select the Display Unit where you want the Rateboard to be displayed (if there are more than one external display units connected)
  • Enter promotional message e.g. "0% Commission on All Currencies"