CEBS is product of Calyx Solutions Ltd., London.
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Download: CEBS User Manual

CEBS is a one stop solution for Currency Exchange Bureaus. It is a multi currency accounting software which is specially designed to facilitate Foreign Currency Exchange Bureaus that mainly exchange currencies and cash/sell travellers' cheques. CEBS is fully customizable and so it can best suit your business requirements. It's reliable and user friendly.

CEBS is developed after thorough research and understanding the exact need of both Management & Cashiers. This was achieved by interviewing the cashiers and managers of Currency Exchange Bureaus across London. Use of modern techniques, through market survey and individual approach to every company has led to the development of high quality solution in terms of CEBS for Currency Exchange Bureaus.
Specialized solution, developed exactly for your organization, considering all features of your business.
Strong protection algorithms to prevent steal or misuse of the information.
Simple and clear interface will allow you to concentrate on your work and will decrease your training costs.
CEBS helps you in:
  • Selling and Buying of Foreign Currencies and Travellers Cheques.
  • Maintaining Currency stock.
  • Wholesale currency transactions.
  • Updating the exchange rates.
  • Printing of daily transactions and shift close report.
  • Calculating profit and loss of everyday.
  • Connecting to LCD screen for displaying Exchange Rates