CEBS team aspires its customers to sell currency online through their own website. Smart minds of CEBS team puts all your business processes together to form a showcase for the world. An opportunity is created for you to reach the maximum number of currency buying customers not only in UK but all around the world.
You are in control:
  • Manage Online Currency Selling Rate
  • Put your selling margin on Spot Rate and the select how frequently the spot rate need to be updated OR/li>
  • Enter Selling Rate irrespective of the Spot Rate
  • Enter threshold amount for online purchase e.g. Customer cannot buy currency more than worth �2000.00
  • HMRC compliance & Sanction list lookup
  • Email alert on receiving online order
  • Auto email facility to enhance Customer Relationship
  • Manage the order by marking it Pending, Cancel or Complete.
What is included?
  • Website Design & Development
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Customer Registration
  • Order Status Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
CEBS team comprises of web developers with average experience of 6 years in the field of web designing and development. Exceptionally talented team will be with you till the time your website is fully developed. If you need any modifications in your website we are here to do it for free.